The Call to Chastity: Embracing Love and Dignity in Relationships

Understanding the teachings of Jesus on marriage and the importance of chastity

In a world where relationships are often marred by self-interest and fleeting desires, the concept of chastity stands as a powerful reminder of the sacredness of love and the dignity of every individual. Drawing from the teachings of Jesus Christ, renowned theologian Mansour delves into the profound significance of chastity in relationships, highlighting its role in fostering fidelity, respect, and mutual reverence. By exploring the inherent equality between men and women, the importance of sexual integrity, and the value of marital love, Mansour offers a compelling case for embracing chastity as a path to true fulfillment and lasting happiness.

Jesus’ Radical Reinterpretation of Marriage

Mansour begins by shedding light on Jesus’ revolutionary teachings on marriage, challenging the prevailing cultural norms of his time. Jesus rejected the notion that divorce could be justified for any reason, emphasizing the divine intention for marriage to be a lifelong commitment. Mansour underscores Jesus’ message of equality, noting that his teachings were directed primarily at men, as women did not possess the right to divorce their husbands. By doing so, Jesus affirmed the inherent importance and dignity of both men and women in relationships.

The Virtues of Chastity

Chastity, Mansour argues, calls individuals to develop the virtues necessary for faithfulness and mutual respect. He emphasizes that sexual intimacy should be expressed within the context of fidelity, love, and reverence. Mansour condemns the harmful effects of pornography, masturbation, sexual promiscuity, harassment, and abuse, highlighting their inherent sinful nature. He encourages individuals to repent and seek professional help when necessary, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a culture of holiness, chastity, and respect, particularly for the well-being of women, girls, and boys.

Chastity in Marriage: Natural Family Planning

Mansour explores the practical application of chastity within the institution of marriage, focusing on the concept of Natural Family Planning. This method, based on tracking a woman’s natural cycle, allows couples to either conceive or avoid pregnancy in a manner aligned with God’s design. Mansour emphasizes that couples facing serious reasons to space their children should work together to achieve a healthy and chaste approach, rather than resorting to contraception.

Children and the Sanctity of Marriage

Mansour highlights the importance of children entering the world within the context of the marriage covenant. He emphasizes that children have the right to be born into a loving and committed relationship, where both parents pledge to care for them and each other. Mansour underscores the significance of marital love, complementarity, and stability in providing a nurturing environment for children to thrive.

Chastity and the Single Life

Turning his attention to single and celibate individuals, Mansour explores the call to live chaste lives and deny oneself for the sake of a higher purpose. Drawing from the teachings of Pope John Paul II, he highlights the “nuptial meaning of the body” and the spiritual union with God that can be experienced by those who choose a life of celibacy. Mansour emphasizes that this gift allows individuals to deepen their communion with God and embrace a love for others that is intense and life-giving.


In a world often consumed by instant gratification and self-centeredness, the call to embrace chastity offers a powerful antidote. Mansour’s exploration of Jesus’ teachings on marriage and the virtues of chastity reveals the transformative potential of living in accordance with God’s design. Whether in the context of marriage or the single life, chastity invites individuals to cultivate love, respect, and selflessness, fostering relationships that are rooted in dignity and mutual reverence. By embracing chastity, we can embark on a journey towards true fulfillment and lasting happiness.






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