High School Baseball Player in Coma After Batting Cage Accident

Gainesville High School student Jeremy Medina remains hospitalized and in a coma after being struck by a baseball bat during a practice session at the school’s batting cage.

A devastating accident at a high school in northeastern Georgia has left a senior baseball player in a coma. Jeremy Medina, a pitcher and catcher for the Gainesville High School baseball team, was struck in the head by a baseball bat during a practice session at the school’s batting cage. As the community rallies around Jeremy and his family, prayers and support pour in from all corners.

1: The Accident and Jeremy’s Condition

On Monday, November 20th, Jeremy Medina was accidentally hit in the head by a baseball bat while at the batting cage on the Gainesville High School campus. The impact of the blow left him severely injured and in a coma. The exact details of his condition have not been disclosed, but the seriousness of the situation is evident.

2: Support from the School and Community

Gainesville City Schools released a statement, sharing the news of the accident and requesting prayers for Jeremy and his family. The school district highlighted Jeremy’s role as a senior baseball player and expressed their support during this difficult time. The Chestatee High School baseball team, also located in Gainesville, acknowledged the incident and expressed their solidarity with Jeremy and those involved.

3: Prayers and Positive Thoughts

The community has come together to show their support for Jeremy and his family. Social media platforms have been flooded with messages of prayers and positive thoughts. The Chestatee baseball team shared a quote from legendary player Roberto Clemente, emphasizing the unique brotherhood that exists among baseball players and expressing hope for Jeremy’s recovery.

4: Seeking Additional Information

CBS News reached out to Gainesville City Schools for more information about the accident and Jeremy’s current condition but did not receive an immediate response. As the community awaits updates, they continue to hold Jeremy in their thoughts and prayers, hoping for his recovery.


The accident at the Gainesville High School batting cage has left the community devastated and concerned for the well-being of Jeremy Medina. As he remains in a coma, the community rallies around him, offering prayers and support. The incident serves as a reminder of the inherent risks involved in sports, and the need for safety measures to be in place at all times. The hope is that Jeremy will make a full recovery and return to the sport he loves, inspiring others with his resilience and determination.






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