Black Friday and Travel Tuesday: The Best Time to Snag Travel Deals

Travel experts reveal the exclusive discounts and offers available during the holiday shopping season

As the nation gears up for the holiday shopping frenzy, with millions of Americans preparing to hunt for the best deals, the travel industry has carved out its own niche with “Travel Tuesday.” This day, which falls after Thanksgiving, has become a prime opportunity for travelers to snag incredible deals on holiday travel and winter getaways. Travel experts are touting it as the best time to book flights, hotels, and cruises at discounted rates. In this article, we will explore the various Black Friday and Travel Tuesday deals on offer, providing insights from industry leaders and highlighting the importance of flexibility in securing these exclusive offers.

Travel Tuesday: Extending the Deals Beyond Black Friday:

While Black Friday is traditionally associated with retail discounts, the travel industry has embraced the concept and extended the deals beyond just one day. The discounts continue into Cyber Monday and culminate in “Travel Tuesday,” offering travelers a broader range of opportunities to save on their upcoming trips. This extended period allows airlines, hotels, and cruise lines to open up their inventory and offer deep discounts and credits to entice travelers.

Deals from Major Players in the Travel Industry:

Royal Caribbean, one of the major players in the cruise industry, is offering significant discounts for those looking to set sail. In addition to up to 30% off, customers can enjoy an extra $750 off with a booking deadline set for Tuesday. This offer presents an excellent opportunity for travelers to plan their dream cruise at a fraction of the usual cost.

Frontier Airlines is enticing travelers with a year-long “all you can fly” pass for under $500. This pass allows passengers unlimited flights within the airline’s network for an entire year, making it an attractive option for frequent travelers or those planning multiple trips in the coming months.

Spirit Airlines is not far behind, offering flights as low as $20 to popular destinations such as Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. These incredibly low fares make it possible for budget-conscious travelers to explore new cities or visit loved ones during the holiday season without breaking the bank.

Airport lounge access is also getting a discount during this travel shopping season. Priority Pass, a program that provides access to airport lounges worldwide, is cutting prices by up to 30%. This offer allows travelers to enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious airport experience at a reduced cost.

Insights from Travel Industry Experts:

Brett Keller, CEO of Priceline, emphasizes the abundance of travel deals during this time of the year. He highlights the significant discounts and credits offered by cruise lines and the increased availability of hotel inventory for the winter and spring seasons. Now is the perfect time for travelers to take advantage of these deep discounts and plan their future trips.

Hayley Berg, the lead economist at travel app Hopper, acknowledges that Travel Tuesday often catches people off guard. As they are just finishing up celebrating Thanksgiving and focusing on the holiday season, many travelers are not actively thinking about booking their next trip. This low week in terms of bookings presents a unique opportunity for travelers to secure incredible deals.

Berg also advises travelers to remain flexible when booking during this time. While you may not always get your preferred travel dates or airline, last year saw travelers saving up to 80% off their Christmas travel bookings on Travel Deal Tuesday. Flexibility is key to maximizing the savings and taking advantage of the available offers.


As the holiday shopping season reaches its peak, the travel industry has established its own shopping extravaganza with “Travel Tuesday.” This day, which follows Black Friday, offers travelers the chance to score incredible deals on flights, hotels, and cruises. Major players in the industry, such as Royal Caribbean, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit Airlines, are offering significant discounts and exclusive offers. Travel experts emphasize the importance of flexibility in securing these deals, as last-minute bookings can result in savings of up to 80%. So, if you’re planning your next trip, keep an eye out for the Black Friday and Travel Tuesday deals to make your travel dreams a reality without breaking the bank.






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