Container Farms: Revolutionizing Access to Fresh Produce

Broadview Credit Union Leads the Way in Hydroponic Farming

In an effort to address food scarcity and promote sustainable agriculture, Broadview Credit Union has embraced the concept of container farms. These innovative farms, developed by Freight Farms, offer a solution to the challenges of traditional farming by enabling the cultivation of crops in any location, regardless of climate or available land. With their commitment to community welfare, Broadview has successfully implemented container farms in various organizations across the Capital Region, providing access to fresh produce and supporting local non-profits.

Container Farms: A New Era of Farming

The Advantages of Hydroponic Farming

Container farms, also known as hydroponic farms, have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to grow crops year-round, vertically, and without the need for soil. Freight Farms’ hydroponic container farms are converted shipping containers equipped with LED growing lights and soilless farming equipment, creating a controlled environment for optimal plant growth. This technology allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops, including leafy greens like lettuce, kale, and arugula, as well as herbs such as basil and parsley.

The versatility of container farms makes them ideal for urban and suburban areas where land availability is limited. These farms can be set up in any location, providing fresh produce to communities regardless of geographical constraints. With container farms, the possibilities for agriculture are no longer restricted by traditional farming methods, opening up opportunities for sustainable food production in diverse settings.

Broadview Credit Union’s Commitment to Community

Expanding Access to Fresh Produce

Broadview Credit Union, under the leadership of Chief Community Officer Kathy Lanni and CEO Michael Castellana, recognized the potential of container farms in 2016. By 2017, the credit union had installed its first Freight Farm at the Patroon Creek location in Albany. Since then, three more container farms have been established in the Capital Region, benefiting the Boys and Girls Club in Troy, the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY, and the Schenectady City Mission.

These container farms not only meet the specific needs of each organization but also contribute to the broader community by donating a portion of the produce to local non-profits. By partnering with these organizations, Broadview Credit Union has demonstrated its commitment to addressing food insecurity and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Democratizing Access to Food

Freight Farms’ Mission

Freight Farms’ mission is rooted in “democratizing access to food.” By providing container farms to communities across all 50 states and 40 countries, the company aims to empower individuals and organizations to cultivate their own fresh produce. The ability to grow crops year-round and in various locations ensures a consistent supply of nutritious food, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Each container farm has the potential to yield an average annual harvest of 2-6 tons of food or 1,000 heads of lettuce per week. This high-value production enables communities to become self-sufficient in terms of fresh produce, reducing their reliance on external sources and promoting food security.


Container farms have revolutionized the way we think about farming and access to fresh produce. Through Broadview Credit Union’s partnership with Freight Farms, communities in the Capital Region have gained the ability to grow their own crops, regardless of land availability or climate. This innovative approach to agriculture not only addresses food scarcity but also promotes sustainability and self-sufficiency. As container farms continue to expand globally, the democratization of food access becomes a reality, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all.






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