F1 Esports Gets a Refresh: New Name, New Location, and New Drivers

The F1 Pro Sim World Championship kicks off with a twist as drivers gather at DreamHack in Sweden.

The world of virtual racing is buzzing with anticipation as F1 Esports undergoes a major overhaul for the 2023 season. With a new name, a change in location, and a fresh lineup of drivers, the F1 Pro Sim World Championship promises to be an exhilarating competition. As the drivers gather at DreamHack in Sweden, the stage is set for a thrilling season of intense racing.

New Name, Same Racing:

In a surprising move, F1 Esports has rebranded itself as the F1 Pro Sim World Championship. Along with the name change, the championship has also returned to the LAN format, where all drivers compete in the same room using equal sim rig setups. This change brings back the camaraderie and intensity of previous years, with drivers battling it out side by side.

DreamHack: The Unexpected Location:

While the organizers initially hinted at the championship taking place in the Maldives, the drivers have instead converged at DreamHack in Sweden for the first round. The sudden change in location has added an air of excitement and intrigue to the competition. Rumors are circulating that the first race of the season will kick off today, adding to the anticipation surrounding the event.

Delayed Race Start:

However, amidst the excitement, there are whispers of a potential cancellation of the DreamHack event. Issues surrounding contracts between F1 and the event hosts have emerged, casting doubt over the start of the racing action. Just like in the real world of Formula 1, external factors threaten to disrupt the virtual racing experience. Fans and drivers alike hope that these contractual issues can be resolved swiftly, allowing the season to commence as planned.


As the F1 Pro Sim World Championship gears up for an action-packed season, the virtual racing community eagerly awaits the start of the competition. With a new name, a return to LAN format, and unexpected twists along the way, the stage is set for a captivating season of virtual racing. Whether the DreamHack event proceeds as scheduled or not, the passion and dedication of the drivers will undoubtedly shine through. As the virtual lights go out, the world will witness the birth of a new era in F1 Esports.






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