F1 Pro Sim World Championship: A New Era for F1 Esports

The F1 Esports championship undergoes a rebranding and relocation, promising an exciting competition in 2023.

The world of F1 Esports is abuzz with anticipation as the highly anticipated F1 Pro Sim World Championship kicks off this year. With a new name, new location, and new drivers, the championship promises to deliver thrilling racing action like never before. As the drivers gather at DreamHack in Sweden, the stage is set for a fierce battle on the virtual track. Let’s delve into the details of this revamped championship and what it means for the future of F1 Esports.

New name, same racing:

The F1 Pro Sim World Championship marks a significant rebranding for the F1 Esports series. Shedding its old name, the championship embraces a new identity that reflects the growing professionalism and prestige of virtual racing. The name change is not the only transformation taking place, as the championship returns to the LAN format of previous years. This means that all drivers will compete in the same room, using equal sim rig setups, adding an extra layer of competitiveness and camaraderie to the competition.

DreamHack: A surprising location:

Contrary to initial expectations of racing in the Maldives, the drivers have converged at DreamHack in Sweden for the opening round of the championship. The sudden change in plans has piqued the curiosity of fans and raised questions about the reasons behind this shift. While the location may have changed, the excitement and anticipation surrounding the championship remain undiminished.

Rumors and uncertainty:

Amidst the anticipation, rumors have started to circulate about potential delays and even the cancellation of the DreamHack event. These speculations stem from reported contractual issues between F1 and the event hosts. Just like in the real-world sport of Formula 1, it seems that external factors may interfere with the smooth running of the championship. Fans and participants alike are eagerly awaiting updates and hoping for a swift resolution to ensure that the racing action can commence as planned.


The F1 Pro Sim World Championship represents a new chapter in the history of F1 Esports. With its rebranding and relocation, the championship aims to elevate virtual racing to new heights. As the drivers gather at DreamHack in Sweden, the excitement is palpable, despite the rumors of potential delays. The F1 Pro Sim World Championship promises to captivate fans with its intense competition and showcase the immense talent and skill of virtual racers. Whether the racing begins on schedule or faces further hurdles, one thing is certain: F1 Esports has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive gaming.






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