Fake Blood Protest at Whitney Museum Calls for Trustee’s Resignation

Palestinian-American Activists Target Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffin

In a bold act of protest, the main entrance of the renowned Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City was drenched in fake blood during a march for Gaza. The incident, captured in a video posted by the Palestinian-American youth movement Within Our Lifetime, shows red paint dripping from the museum’s front steps and revolving glass door while protesters wave Palestinian flags in the background. The demonstration aimed to draw attention to American hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, who was a former trustee of the museum and has been criticized for his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Targeting Ken Griffin and His Controversial Stance

Protesters at the Whitney Museum chanted “Ken Griffin is a terrorist,” directing their anger towards the billionaire hedge fund manager. Griffin, who served on the museum’s board of trustees until July of this year, has been a vocal critic of a pro-Palestinian letter signed by student groups at his alma mater, Harvard University. The billionaire’s name still remains on the walls of the museum’s lobby, despite his departure. The Whitney Museum has yet to respond to requests for comment regarding the incident.

Griffin’s Influence and Controversial Donations

With an estimated net worth of $34 billion, Ken Griffin is one of the largest donors to Harvard University, his alma mater. In recognition of his $300 million gift, the university named its Graduate School of Arts and Sciences after him. However, Griffin’s political contributions have sparked controversy, as he has donated millions to Republican candidates, including $5 million to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s political action committee in 2021.

Warren Kanders and the Tear Gas Controversy

The Whitney Museum has previously faced protests and controversy surrounding its board members. In 2019, vice chair Warren Kanders, an arms manufacturer, resigned after months of demonstrations against his company’s involvement in the use of tear gas against civilians worldwide, including asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border. Ken Griffin reportedly considered resigning from the board in solidarity with Kanders but ultimately decided to remain until his own departure this summer.

Calls for Griffin’s Resignation and Board Vetting

Within Our Lifetime, the Palestinian-American youth movement responsible for the protest, demanded Ken Griffin’s immediate resignation or expulsion from the museum’s board. While one commenter noted that Griffin had already stepped down, they suggested investigating other hedge fund billionaires who still serve on the board. The commenter proposed distributing leaflets listing the names of all controversial board members alongside the fake blood protest.


The fake blood protest at the Whitney Museum of American Art has brought attention to the controversial stance of former trustee Ken Griffin and his involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The incident highlights the power dynamics within cultural institutions and the role of wealthy donors in shaping their agendas. As calls for Griffin’s resignation continue, the incident prompts a broader conversation about the accountability and vetting of board members in museums and art institutions.






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