Huda Kattan: Beauty Industry is Sexist, Says Makeup Icon

Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, criticizes the beauty industry and social media for their objectification of women and unfair expectations.

Huda Kattan, the founder of the billion-dollar cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, has built an empire in the beauty industry. However, she believes that the industry itself is deeply sexist, often reducing women to their appearance. In an exclusive interview, Kattan shares her frustrations with the industry and social media, highlighting the need for change and inclusivity.

Challenging Stereotypes and Sexism

Kattan, who is known for her glamorous looks, understands firsthand the frustration of being judged solely on appearance. She criticizes the beauty industry for objectifying women and believes that it perpetuates unfair expectations. Kattan shares her own experiences of not being taken seriously as a businesswoman, with others often disregarding her in favor of her husband. She emphasizes the need for change and inclusivity in an industry that still has a long way to go.

Slow Progress of Inclusivity

Growing up as the daughter of immigrants, Kattan has always felt the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards. As a result, she is dedicated to creating products that cater to a wide range of skin tones. However, she expresses frustration with the slow progress the industry has made in terms of inclusivity. While some brands are making efforts, Kattan believes that there is still a lack of understanding among manufacturers and the industry as a whole.

Social Media’s Impact on Beauty Standards

Kattan’s success can largely be attributed to her social media presence, where she shares makeup tutorials and reviews. However, she has become disillusioned with social media, describing it as a “dopamine-hacking algorithm” that perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards. Kattan highlights the pressure women feel to be perfect and the negative impact it has on their self-esteem. She acknowledges her own role in perpetuating these standards but also recognizes herself as a victim of them.

Speaking Up and Raising Awareness

With her large social media following, Kattan has used her platform to speak up about issues affecting women and her community. She acknowledges that she is not a political expert but feels a responsibility to share information and raise awareness. Kattan recently used her platform to support Palestinians during the conflict in Israel and Gaza, attracting both positive and negative attention. She believes in using her voice to bring attention to important issues.

The Need for Vulnerability and Disconnecting

Kattan believes that social media needs to be a space for vulnerability, where people can share their real experiences rather than perpetuating a facade of perfection. She acknowledges the negative impact of excessive screen time and shares her own struggles with disconnecting. Kattan also reveals that she doesn’t allow her 12-year-old daughter to use social media due to the negative effects it has on her anxiety levels.


Huda Kattan, the makeup icon and founder of Huda Beauty, is a vocal critic of the beauty industry and social media. She believes that the industry objectifies women and perpetuates unfair expectations. Kattan emphasizes the need for inclusivity and representation, especially for women of color. While she acknowledges her own role in perpetuating beauty standards, she also uses her platform to raise awareness and speak up about important issues. As she reflects on her journey, Kattan hopes to inspire other women, particularly those from marginalized communities, to feel represented and empowered.






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