Small Businesses in Northeast Minneapolis Struggle to Recover from Pandemic

Moth Oddities and Other Local Businesses Rely on Small Business Saturday for Support

As Small Business Saturday approaches, business owners in Northeast Minneapolis are hoping for a boost in sales to help them recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic. Moth Oddities, a vintage shop in the area, is just one of many small businesses that have been hit hard in recent months. With tight budgets and limited resources, these businesses are relying on word of mouth and community support to stay afloat. This article explores the challenges faced by small businesses in the area and the importance of Small Business Saturday in their recovery.

Disproportionate Impact of the Pandemic on Small Businesses

According to the National Institute of Health, small businesses have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Moth Oddities co-owner Ian O’Neill explains that they are on tight budgets and rely on word of mouth and social media to promote their business. With limited resources for advertising and marketing, small businesses have struggled to reach customers during this challenging time. This has resulted in a significant decline in sales and revenue.

Moth Oddities Hosts Holiday Market for Small Business Saturday

To generate more foot traffic and support other local businesses, Moth Oddities is hosting a holiday market on Small Business Saturday. Co-owner Ian O’Neill emphasizes the importance of supporting small businesses, as they play a vital role in the community. By offering a platform for other vendors like Black Cat Jewelry, Moth Oddities aims to create a supportive environment for local entrepreneurs.

Small Business Saturday Outperforms Black Friday

Despite the challenges faced by small businesses, there is some good news. According to a report by Bankrate, 60 percent of holiday shoppers are likely to spend on Small Business Saturday, surpassing the 56 percent of shoppers who are likely to shop on Black Friday. This shift in consumer behavior presents an opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on the support of their community and boost their sales during the holiday season.

Montgomery Collection Finds Excitement Amidst the Challenges

Marissa Montgomery, the owner of Montgomery Collection, a leather travel goods company, acknowledges the impact of the pandemic on her business. However, she also sees the silver lining, as people are starting to travel again. This renewed interest in travel has provided a glimmer of hope for businesses like hers, which cater to travelers’ needs. Montgomery remains optimistic about the future and is grateful for the support of her community.

Northside Economic Opportunity Network Revives Black Friday on Broadway

The Northside Economic Opportunity Network, led by President Warren McLean, is working tirelessly to bring back Black Friday on Broadway. This event will feature around 50 small businesses at Hawthorn Crossings, providing a platform for them to showcase their products and services. McLean sees this event as a crucial part of the Northside’s growth and momentum, creating opportunities for small businesses to thrive and contribute to the local economy.


The road to recovery for small businesses in Northeast Minneapolis has been challenging, but Small Business Saturday offers a glimmer of hope. With the support of their community, these businesses can begin to rebuild and regain their financial stability. As consumers, it is our responsibility to recognize the importance of supporting local businesses and to prioritize their success. By shopping small on Small Business Saturday and beyond, we can contribute to the revival of these businesses and help them thrive once again.






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