Social Media Battle Rages Alongside Israel-Hamas Conflict

TikTokers and Instagram users from both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict are engaging in a fierce social media war to influence public opinion worldwide.

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, a parallel battle is being fought on social media platforms. In this era of digital communication, TikTokers, Instagram users, and other online influencers are leveraging their platforms to shape the narrative and sway public opinion. With the military conflict at a stalemate, the information war on social media has become a critical battleground for both sides.

The Disparity in Social Media Posts:

Experts have observed a significant disparity between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian social media posts. Max Boot, a military historian and foreign policy analyst, suggests that Israel is losing the information war due to the battle of victimhood. A recent study by The Washington Post found that pro-Palestinian hashtags on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have far outnumbered pro-Israeli hashtags since the start of the conflict.

The Power of Emotional Content

Social media posts from Gazan journalists, in particular, have garnered significant attention due to their emotional impact. While Israeli officials hold press conferences and share statistics, Gazan journalists share personal stories and videos depicting the aftermath of bombings. The visceral nature of these posts resonates more with the audience, leading to a shift in global sympathy away from Israelis.

The Role of Citizen Journalists:

Citizen journalists in Gaza and Israel are using platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to provide unfiltered accounts of life in a war zone. These individuals, including journalists, filmmakers, and photographers, offer firsthand perspectives and have seen their engagement skyrocket during the conflict. Their posts have become vital sources of information, as foreign reporters face restricted access to Gaza.

The Use of Social Media by Influencers:

Social media influencers like Adiel Cohen, an Israeli soldier and content creator, are using their platforms to debunk misinformation and share personal experiences. Cohen believes that Israel is losing the social media war due to the overwhelming number of pro-Palestinian posts and the horrifying images coming out of Gaza. However, he also acknowledges the difficulty of conveying the nuance of the conflict to an international audience.

The Manipulation of Social Media Narratives:

While social media has given a voice to those caught in the conflict, experts warn of the manipulation of narratives by both sides. Hamas, in particular, uses influencers to highlight the suffering of its own people, hoping to shape the narrative in its favor. By showcasing the destruction in Gaza, Hamas aims to generate sympathy and international pressure on Israel.


As the Israel-Hamas conflict rages on, the battle for public opinion on social media has become increasingly significant. TikTokers, Instagram users, and other influencers are leveraging their platforms to shape the narrative and sway public sentiment. The emotional power of these posts, particularly those from Gazan journalists, has led to a shift in global sympathy away from Israelis. However, it is crucial for the public to approach social media content with a critical eye and consider multiple perspectives to avoid being swayed solely by emotion.






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