Paradise Supermart in Maui Receives Red “Closed” Placard Due to Critical Food Safety Violations

The Hawai‘i Department of Health takes action against Paradise Supermart after multiple violations pose a significant public health hazard.

In a recent development, the Hawai‘i Department of Health’s Maui Food Safety Branch has issued a red “closed” placard to Paradise Supermart, located at 207 East Wākea Ave. in Kahului. This action comes after inspectors discovered multiple critical food safety violations that posed a significant risk to public health. The Department of Health’s decision to close the establishment underscores the importance of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and food safety in all food establishments.

Inspectors Respond to a Complaint:

The inspection was carried out by inspectors from the Food Safety and Vector Control branches in response to a complaint received by the department. The nature of the complaint, as well as the subsequent findings, prompted the department to take immediate action to protect the public.

Critical Violations Uncovered:

During the inspection, a number of critical food safety violations were observed at Paradise Supermart. These violations included refrigeration units not maintaining proper temperatures, handwash sinks that were inaccessible and in need of repair, and fresh vegetables contaminated with mold and dead flies. Additionally, live animals, fish, and flies were found on the premises, indicating a lack of pest control measures. The inspection also revealed openings in the perimeter walls, allowing pests easy access to the establishment. Grease build-up, food debris, unsanitary conditions, and general clutter further contributed to the unsatisfactory state of the store. The lack of managerial control over food safety requirements was also noted as a significant concern.

Closure and Resolution:

As a result of these violations, Paradise Supermart has been ordered to remain closed until all the violations are resolved and the health department deems it safe to reopen to the public. A follow-up inspection is scheduled for November 22, 2023, to ensure that the necessary improvements have been made. The closure serves as a reminder that the health and safety of consumers should always be a top priority for food establishments.

The Importance of Routine Inspections:

The Maui Food Safety Branch of the Hawai‘i Department of Health conducts routine health inspections of food establishments where food products are prepared, manufactured, distributed, or sold. These inspections are crucial in ensuring that all food establishments meet the necessary health and safety standards. By conducting regular inspections, the department can identify and address potential violations before they become significant public health hazards.


The closure of Paradise Supermart due to critical food safety violations highlights the importance of maintaining high standards in food establishments. The Hawai‘i Department of Health’s swift action in response to the violations demonstrates their commitment to protecting public health. It serves as a reminder to all food establishments to prioritize cleanliness, proper food storage, and adherence to food safety regulations. Consumers should also remain vigilant and report any concerns they may have regarding food safety to the appropriate authorities. By working together, we can ensure a safe and healthy dining experience for everyone.






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