G Adventures Launches Geluxe Collection to Meet the Growing Demand for Active Luxury Travel Among Older Adventurers

The travel industry adapts to the needs of an aging yet active demographic with G Adventures’ new line of travel experiences designed for over-50s travelers.

The travel industry is witnessing a significant shift as older adventurers seek more than just conventional luxury tours. G Adventures, renowned for its active, multi-day trips connecting young travelers with diverse cultures and local communities, is responding to this trend by launching its Geluxe Collection. This new line of travel experiences, scheduled for booking from May 2024, is designed to cater to the evolving needs of its over-50s customers, who now represent about 35% of its clientele. As the global population ages, the travel industry must adapt and cater to the needs of older travelers who are seeking active and luxurious experiences.

Active Luxury for Older Adventurers

G Adventures is venturing into the higher-end market with its Geluxe Collection, aiming to meet the luxury expectations of its older, active travelers without compromising its core values of sustainable and community-focused travel. The collection launches with 28 initial trips, offering accommodation options like the Cardamom Tented Camp in Cambodia and Refugio Amazonas in Peru. Travelers can personalize their journeys with activities such as a row boat ride and yoga session in Nepal, a Cape Malay cooking class in South Africa, or a Jeep safari to experience the Saharan nomad cultural heritage in southern Morocco. The Geluxe Collection strives to provide the highest comfort level while supporting local communities and ensuring a positive impact.

Paying a Premium Price

Geluxe’s positioning in the market is both ambitious and cautious. The premium product shifted from G Adventures’ traditional approach of finding far-flung or lesser-explored destinations to what customers shared with the business across its platforms. Although the Geluxe trips cater to older travelers, there are no age restrictions. The pricing of Geluxe trips varies based on different destinations, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific price range. However, Geluxe trips are priced higher than G Adventures’ other premium offering, National Geographic Journeys. This pricing reflects the added luxury and personalized experiences provided by Geluxe.

G Adventures’ Success and Changing Travel Patterns

G Adventures recently experienced its strongest financial performance in 33 years, even beyond the initial post-Covid travel surge. The company reported a 50% increase in business over 2022 and a 20% increase from pre-COVID levels in 2019. This success can be attributed to a shift in travel patterns, with G Adventures’ customers now favoring fewer but extended and more in-depth stays in destinations. Travelers are seeking meaningful experiences and are staying longer in single destinations, aligning well with G Adventures’ focus on community engagement and cultural immersion.


As the global population ages, the travel industry must adapt to the changing needs and desires of older adventurers. G Adventures’ Geluxe Collection caters to the growing demand for active luxury travel among the over-50s demographic. By providing high comfort levels, personalized experiences, and a focus on sustainable and community-focused travel, G Adventures aims to meet the evolving needs of its older, active travelers. The success of G Adventures’ Geluxe Collection reflects the changing travel patterns of customers who now seek more meaningful and immersive experiences in their journeys. As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, the travel industry must continue to innovate and cater to the diverse needs of travelers of all ages.






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