The Slow Start to MLB’s Offseason: Teams and Players Assessing the Market

Limited Free Agent Signings and Trades During the Holiday Weekend

As the holiday season approaches, the MLB offseason is off to a slow start. With only three of FanGraphs’ Top 50 free agents signed so far, teams and players are still assessing the market. The Thanksgiving weekend traditionally sees little hot stove action, as executives are occupied with their families and teams are hesitant to make significant moves early in the offseason. While the Baltimore Orioles have yet to make any moves, they are not alone, as most teams are taking their time to evaluate their options.

A Patient Approach to the Offseason

The Thanksgiving weekend is not known for its flurry of trades or free agent signings in MLB. Executives and players alike take this time to step back, spend time with their loved ones, and carefully consider their next moves. It is still early in the offseason, and teams are cautious about making hasty decisions without fully assessing the market. This patient approach allows for a thorough evaluation of available talent and potential trade opportunities.

Limited Free Agent Signings

As of now, only three of FanGraphs’ Top 50 free agents have signed contracts. Aaron Nola, ranked fourth on the list, re-signed with the Philadelphia Phillies on a seven-year deal. Kyle Gibson, ranked 25th, departed the Orioles and joined the St. Louis Cardinals on a one-year contract. Veteran right-hander Reynaldo López, ranked 37th, secured a three-year deal with the Atlanta Braves. The slow pace of free agent signings indicates that teams are taking their time to negotiate and find the right fit for their rosters.

Orioles’ Inactivity Reflects the Overall Trend

While the Orioles have yet to make any moves this offseason, they are not alone in their cautious approach. Most teams have refrained from making significant changes to their rosters thus far. This hesitancy can be attributed to various factors, such as uncertainties surrounding the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations and the need for teams to evaluate their current players and prospects before making any major moves. The Orioles, like many other teams, are likely assessing their options and waiting for the right opportunity to improve their roster.

Thanksgiving Reflections on Orioles’ Success

Despite the lack of offseason activity, Orioles fans have reasons to be thankful. The team’s recent success in reaching the top of the AL East has brought excitement and hope for the future. The Orioles’ rise in the division standings is a testament to the organization’s commitment to rebuilding and developing young talent. Fans can appreciate the progress made and look forward to further improvements in the coming seasons.

A Comparison of Rookie Seasons

On this day in 1982, Cal Ripken Jr. was named the AL Rookie of the Year. His impressive rookie campaign, reminiscent of Gunnar Henderson’s 2023 Rookie of the Year season, highlights the potential for young players to make an immediate impact. Both Ripken and Henderson were 22-year-old infielders who split their defensive work between shortstop and third base. They even hit the same number of home runs (28) and had similar OPS+ numbers. This comparison serves as a reminder that promising rookies can lay the foundation for successful careers.


As the MLB offseason progresses, teams and players continue to assess the market and take a patient approach to making significant moves. The limited number of free agent signings and trades during the Thanksgiving weekend reflects this overall trend. While the Orioles have yet to make any moves, they are not alone in their cautious approach. Fans can be thankful for the team’s recent success and look forward to further improvements in the future. The comparison between Cal Ripken Jr.’s and Gunnar Henderson’s rookie seasons serves as a reminder of the potential impact young players can have on a team’s success. As the offseason unfolds, it will be interesting to see how teams navigate the market and make strategic moves to strengthen their rosters.






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