Urmila Rosario: The Woman Behind Australia’s World Cup Triumph

From Tennis Dreams to Cricket Glory: Urmila Rosario’s Remarkable Journey

In a stunning victory, Australia claimed their 6th World Cup title by defeating India in a thrilling final match. While the players basked in the glory of their achievement, one person stood out among the celebrations – Urmila Rosario, the team manager. Born in Doha and with roots in Mangaluru, Urmila’s journey from a promising tennis player to a key figure in Australian cricket is a testament to her resilience and passion for sports. Let’s delve into the remarkable story of Urmila Rosario, the woman behind Australia’s World Cup triumph.

A Tennis Prodigy Cut Short by Injuries

Urmila’s journey into the world of sports began as a talented tennis player. Hailing from Mangaluru, she trained at the renowned Bhupathi Tennis Village, guided by Krishna Bhupathi, father of tennis legend Mahesh Bhupathi. However, a series of injuries forced Urmila to abandon her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. Undeterred by setbacks, she sought a new path in sports management, determined to stay connected to the world she loved.

Education and Early Career

After completing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Urmila joined the Qatar Tennis Foundation, where she honed her skills in sports management for three years. Her dedication and expertise caught the attention of the Australian cricket fraternity, leading her to move Down Under. Urmila worked with the Adelaide cricket team before earning a stint with the Australian women’s cricket team, where she showcased her exceptional managerial abilities.

A Diverse Portfolio

Urmila’s passion for sports transcends borders and disciplines. The New Indian Express newspaper reported that she briefly returned to Qatar to manage a football stadium during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, further diversifying her experience. Her ability to adapt and excel in different sporting environments speaks volumes about her versatility and professionalism.

The World Cup Triumph and Beyond

In September, Urmila’s journey came full circle when she was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the Australian men’s cricket team for the World Cup. Her astute leadership and organizational skills played a crucial role in guiding the team to victory. As the celebrations subside, Urmila now sets her sights on her next assignment – managing the Australian women’s cricket team during their upcoming tour of India. Her expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the team’s success and further cement her reputation as a dynamic force in the world of cricket management.


Urmila Rosario’s journey from a budding tennis player to the team manager of the Australian men’s cricket team is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. Her ability to adapt to different sports and excel in various roles showcases her versatility and passion for the game. As she embarks on her next challenge with the Australian women’s cricket team, Urmila Rosario’s impact on the world of cricket management continues to grow. Her unwavering commitment to the sport serves as a shining example for aspiring sports professionals around the world.






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